Would You Change Brands To Help A Cause?

76% of consumers say that they would re-direct their spending to a brand that will contribute to their CAUSE.

Non-profit organizations of all kinds are in need now more than ever with the challenging economic situation in the country pulling donations from important causes.

Cause Fundraising - similar to brands like Macys and Target's for-profit partnerships with non-profits - is now available with Shaklee.

Non-profits have the opportunity to raise funds when their supporters choose to 'change brands' of products they already use in their homes to help their favorite cause.

With Shaklee fundraising, supporters who re-direct their spending to use Shaklee products will be receiving some very healthy benefits back - and all products are 100% guaranteed!

And, Cause Fundraising with Shaklee is not limited to 5% or even 10% of sales, or a limited time period of sales - this is ongoing because we have consumable products that are re-ordered monthly and also because the non-profit organization is set up as a distributor of the brand, with an opportunity to earn significant funds.

If you are a non-profit or a person who supports a cause that might like to participate, and would like to discuss fundraising, please look at the information we have available here and contact us to discuss!

From getting rid of the toxins in your home while using safer, healthier, green cleaning products - to replacing the vitamins or other nutrition supplements you already use with products from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company - to trying fantastic (anti-aging) skin care and personal care products - or easy, safe water purification.. people who use Shaklee products get awesome results AND the opportunity to contribute income to a needy cause.

What You Need To Know:
If you represent a non-profit group, or you are a supporter who would like to share this information with a charitable organization, we have GREAT NEWS of the REVISED FUNDRAISING PROGRAM where there is NO COST to the organization, includes a FREE ORDERING WEBSITE where people find it very easy to order, Shaklee tracks all sales and each month mails a check or direct deposits funds that are raised.

Products are ordered and paid through the secure website, shipped directly to the person who orders and the non-profit group does not have to handle product or money. This is a unique opportunity to generate VERY LUCRATIVE FUNDS with a brand that has longevity, very high regard, residual income and industry (science, wellness, nutrition, environmental) leadership for 54+ years.

Cause Fundraising with this brand includes CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS so there are re-orders every month - people love the benefits they get back from this brand and the retention rate of customers is higher than that of any other company in our industry.

Additional Resources:
View a Non-Profit Application

Learn About the Products:

If you scroll down along the right side of this page, there are links to healthy audio presentations and pdf documents on individual products. We are available to answer individual questions as well. Call or email and we would be happy to talk with you.

Email Vicki Zerbee at vicki@yourhealthwebsite.net or call 814-931-8041.

More about Giving..

We all buy cleaning products to clean our homes. Have you tried environmentally safe and healthier-for-people green cleaners?

If so, have you tried Shaklee's Get Clean products that not only clean extremely well but SAVE YOU MONEY?

If not, helping your cause may be a perfect time to try!

To learn more about Shaklee's Green Cleaning Products, check out the product demonstration videos on the right or for more information visit here: www.EarthDayCleanEveryday.com.

How to Get Started

Here's how YOU can help:

First let me say (again) that it is very exciting to combine sharing products from the #1 Health and Wellness company in the country (for 54+ years) - that truly make a difference in people's lives - with an opportunity of giving on a regular basis to a good cause that we want to support.

You found us because we have been busy getting the word out about this unique way to get healthier and contribute to a non-profit organization at the same time. We are happy to discuss details with you by phone, email, in person or if we're long distance in a web conference room.

Once a non-profit decides to get started, there is an application to fill out and submit to Shaklee. The non-profit is able to become a distributor at no cost and is given a FREE product website where their supporters can order product.

The non-profit does not handle orders or money. Orders are placed through the website and go directly to Shaklee who accepts payment via secure payment methods and ships the products directly to the non-profit supporter who placed the order.

As a distributor, the non-profit organization earns income in several ways and is paid once per month by check or direct deposit.

There are customizable pages on the website so that the non-profit can post information or messages. We will also provide videos and other product support information to post on the non-profit order website.

Contact Vicki Zerbee by email, vicki@yourhealthwebsite.net, or phone, 814-931-8041, to set up a time and place to discuss.

Contact Nancy Cashman by email, nancyhcashman@gmail.com, or phone, 814-949-2085 or 888-942-3441, to set up a time and place to discuss.

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)

Cause Fundraising

Why do we offer Cause Fundraising?

Non-profit organizations are in need now more than ever. However, money being raised through fundraising is falling short because the economy has been hard on many folks.

Many people would like to give more cash donations than they do, but simply can't afford to do so. Now, with Cause Fundraising, we offer the opportunity to re-direct spending on products people already purchase - to this brand that helps non-profits earn income. It's an additional way to give to the cause while people purchase products they do each month anyway.

All of us buy personal care and skin care products, household cleaning products, and many of us are buying nutrition products.

This alternative opportunity of purchasing these items, with proceeds from sales going to a designated non-profit organization, affords people the chance to 'donate more'.

You are already buying products that our brand distributes. Why not make the choice to 'CHANGE BRANDS' in order to help a non-profit, and make an awesome difference in your own life, and your family's life, at the same time - remember this brand changes lives as it delivers great results to your family. Plus, your favorite cause will continue to receive donations every time you buy. These consumable products make a great year-round giving opportunity!

Our brand was recently proven to give THE BEST HEALTH RESULTS when tested against other brands in a long-term Landmark supplement study.. the only 20-year study of its kind. From science, to research and quality testing of ingredients, to the patented delivery systems that provide the best absorption - all these things set our brand apart from the competition.

Plus the environmentally friendly GREEN CLEANING products have been featured on national TV (including Oprah and reviewed on Rachel Ray) and in print this past year, and are now cleaning The White House and the Vice-President's home.. these powerful and healthy green products will clean your entire home safely, effectively, and economically!

Folks love to share the difference it makes in their daily lives, including having more energy, feeling healthier, and building long term good health. Until you experience for yourself the overall 'good health feeling' it may be hard to understand.. all the more reason to give this brand a try and help a non-profit while you test it for yourself.

As support for your decision, there is lots of product and health information on this page and the links that go out from it. Coming soon are videos with personal discussions and testimonies, and cleaning product demonstrations so that you can see how the products work and hear about how they will save you significant money!

To see a website that each non-profit organization will receive at no cost - and that has all Shaklee products that you can order to help your cause raise money, click here: Shaklee Fundraising.

The Landmark Study

Why This Brand is Different

Family Benefits of Get-Cleaner Green Cleaning

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)

Let's look at some numbers...

To understand the total dollars a non-profit organization can raise, you would need to look at the complete compensation program that is offered to all distributors - because the non-profit group is eligible for the same earnings as a regular distributor.

There are a total of nine forms of compensation (information provided upon request), including various monthly volume bonuses. The two main forms of compensation are the monthly bonus that is based on total product volume generated through each month, and a price differential on individual products sold through the month.

Let's look at some numbers - keep in mind these are dollars that are raised MONTHLY for the non-profit organization.

Note the difference in selling more units of a lower priced product in comparison to the earnings that can be generated by selling far less units at a higher price point.

All examples are based on the organization generating $2,000 product volume each month, and selling products at member prices (saves the purchaser 15%). The last row shows the additional revenue that would be generated by selling at Retail Price.

Example of Earnings

Small Purchase Medium Purchase Larger Purchase
Product Basic H2 Vitalizer Vitalizer + Vivix

Units Sold

387 36 19
Earnings Per Month
$984.00 $790.00 $846.00
Cost of Product
$10.35 $79.25 $164.25
If sold at Retail Price - add to monthly earnings

These numbers can be increased significantly as the program grows within the non-profit organization and as people re-order the consumable products.

These products are manufactured by the Shaklee Corporation, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the United States for over 54 years - they are high quality, 100% guaranteed products that are consumed by folks every day, week in and week out, month after month, all year long.

Raising Money is simply about changing brands!

A definite WIN - WIN situation when the brand provides awesome products and gives to YOUR CAUSE!

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)

Options to Give

Want to help spread the word and have these donations keep growing and growing?

If you are looking to diversify your business, and network with us in this giving opportunity, we welcome working with you. Presenting your customers, clients, members, etc. the option of contributing to a non-profit organization is a three way win: 1) your contact benefits from the results that this brand brings to their lives; 2) the non-profit benefits from (ongoing) increased donations through this alternative method of giving; and 3) you benefit by creating a new business to add to your existing financial portfolio. Please contact us to discuss.

If you are a non-profit or charitable organization, we can set up a new stream of fundraising income for you in a matter of minutes.

If you are either looking for a new business opportunity, or want to expand your charitable work, there are lots of opportunities to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you!

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)

Ordering Options to Help Non-Profits

Having options is a good thing.

People are liking the convenience of ordering products they use every day, having them delivered to their home, and helping a cause at the same time!

Cause Fundraising increases annual giving because as the products are used and re-ordered, the proceeds of product sales continue to earn funds for the non-profit.

The non-profit organization is a distributor, with a website site where anyone who wishes to support the organization can buy products - ongoing. Non-profit or charitable entities receive all forms of compensation associated with being a distributor. The funds earned with cause fundraising can be significant.

It's extremely easy to get started with an application, ordering a free website, and setting up a few pages on the website. All orders are taken from that site, money is handled securely, and products are shipped directly to the buyer. The process runs smoothly and easily.

Checks are mailed to the non-profit monthly, or direct deposited to the bank account.

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)