The DISTRIBUTOR option..

..for raising significant college scholarship funds (same applies to all charities).

First, let me say that there is absolutely no hesitation with promoting this brand because for over 50 YEARS now, these products have been proven excellent quality and the company of the highest integrity. There are loyal users for no other reason than the products flat out WORK. People who use the products get RESULTS!

This is a great thing when it comes to raising money for scholarships because it will continue to grow in both numbers of people who participate and product that those people buy over and over again.

For the university or college who chooses to become a distributor, under the non-profit organization opportunity, the option to earn full funds, the same as all distributors of Shaklee Independent Distributor products, is offered. And the numbers explode rapidly:

Same 100 people at each individual college or university (as the example in the post above) X $50 purchase for the month - and watch how the numbers change..

The school, as a distributor, earns monthly BONUS money on products purchased PLUS price differentials on individual products. The percentages, as examples, are shown below.

$5,000.00 product volume earns $1,500.00 MONTHLY BONUS - PLUS - approximately $1,100.00 price differentials. This is a total of $2,600.00 - compared to $1,000.00 in the prior example. $2,600.00 worth of Scholarships in just one month - and with only 100 people participating!!

Word will spread! Numbers will increase! Rapidly!!

Next post: lets look at some even BIGGER NUMBERS..

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand

*Must order from the links on this page only. Independent Distributor offering the Giving Program.

changes your life. :)