Ordering Options to Help Non-Profits

Having options is a good thing.

People are liking the convenience of ordering products they use every day, having them delivered to their home, and helping a cause at the same time!

Cause Fundraising increases annual giving because as the products are used and re-ordered, the proceeds of product sales continue to earn funds for the non-profit.

The non-profit organization is a distributor, with a website site where anyone who wishes to support the organization can buy products - ongoing. Non-profit or charitable entities receive all forms of compensation associated with being a distributor. The funds earned with cause fundraising can be significant.

It's extremely easy to get started with an application, ordering a free website, and setting up a few pages on the website. All orders are taken from that site, money is handled securely, and products are shipped directly to the buyer. The process runs smoothly and easily.

Checks are mailed to the non-profit monthly, or direct deposited to the bank account.

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)