How to Get Started

Here's how YOU can help:

First let me say (again) that it is very exciting to combine sharing products from the #1 Health and Wellness company in the country (for 54+ years) - that truly make a difference in people's lives - with an opportunity of giving on a regular basis to a good cause that we want to support.

You found us because we have been busy getting the word out about this unique way to get healthier and contribute to a non-profit organization at the same time. We are happy to discuss details with you by phone, email, in person or if we're long distance in a web conference room.

Once a non-profit decides to get started, there is an application to fill out and submit to Shaklee. The non-profit is able to become a distributor at no cost and is given a FREE product website where their supporters can order product.

The non-profit does not handle orders or money. Orders are placed through the website and go directly to Shaklee who accepts payment via secure payment methods and ships the products directly to the non-profit supporter who placed the order.

As a distributor, the non-profit organization earns income in several ways and is paid once per month by check or direct deposit.

There are customizable pages on the website so that the non-profit can post information or messages. We will also provide videos and other product support information to post on the non-profit order website.

Contact Vicki Zerbee by email, vicki@yourhealthwebsite.net, or phone, 814-931-8041, to set up a time and place to discuss.

Contact Nancy Cashman by email, nancyhcashman@gmail.com, or phone, 814-949-2085 or 888-942-3441, to set up a time and place to discuss.

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)