Cause Fundraising

Why do we offer Cause Fundraising?

Non-profit organizations are in need now more than ever. However, money being raised through fundraising is falling short because the economy has been hard on many folks.

Many people would like to give more cash donations than they do, but simply can't afford to do so. Now, with Cause Fundraising, we offer the opportunity to re-direct spending on products people already purchase - to this brand that helps non-profits earn income. It's an additional way to give to the cause while people purchase products they do each month anyway.

All of us buy personal care and skin care products, household cleaning products, and many of us are buying nutrition products.

This alternative opportunity of purchasing these items, with proceeds from sales going to a designated non-profit organization, affords people the chance to 'donate more'.

You are already buying products that our brand distributes. Why not make the choice to 'CHANGE BRANDS' in order to help a non-profit, and make an awesome difference in your own life, and your family's life, at the same time - remember this brand changes lives as it delivers great results to your family. Plus, your favorite cause will continue to receive donations every time you buy. These consumable products make a great year-round giving opportunity!

Our brand was recently proven to give THE BEST HEALTH RESULTS when tested against other brands in a long-term Landmark supplement study.. the only 20-year study of its kind. From science, to research and quality testing of ingredients, to the patented delivery systems that provide the best absorption - all these things set our brand apart from the competition.

Plus the environmentally friendly GREEN CLEANING products have been featured on national TV (including Oprah and reviewed on Rachel Ray) and in print this past year, and are now cleaning The White House and the Vice-President's home.. these powerful and healthy green products will clean your entire home safely, effectively, and economically!

Folks love to share the difference it makes in their daily lives, including having more energy, feeling healthier, and building long term good health. Until you experience for yourself the overall 'good health feeling' it may be hard to understand.. all the more reason to give this brand a try and help a non-profit while you test it for yourself.

As support for your decision, there is lots of product and health information on this page and the links that go out from it. Coming soon are videos with personal discussions and testimonies, and cleaning product demonstrations so that you can see how the products work and hear about how they will save you significant money!

To see a website that each non-profit organization will receive at no cost - and that has all Shaklee products that you can order to help your cause raise money, click here: Shaklee Fundraising.

The Landmark Study

Why This Brand is Different

Family Benefits of Get-Cleaner Green Cleaning

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)