Would You Change Brands To Help A Cause?

76% of consumers say that they would re-direct their spending to a brand that will contribute to their CAUSE.

Non-profit organizations of all kinds are in need now more than ever with the challenging economic situation in the country pulling donations from important causes.

Cause Fundraising - similar to brands like Macys and Target's for-profit partnerships with non-profits - is now available with Shaklee.

Non-profits have the opportunity to raise funds when their supporters choose to 'change brands' of products they already use in their homes to help their favorite cause.

With Shaklee fundraising, supporters who re-direct their spending to use Shaklee products will be receiving some very healthy benefits back - and all products are 100% guaranteed!

And, Cause Fundraising with Shaklee is not limited to 5% or even 10% of sales, or a limited time period of sales - this is ongoing because we have consumable products that are re-ordered monthly and also because the non-profit organization is set up as a distributor of the brand, with an opportunity to earn significant funds.

If you are a non-profit or a person who supports a cause that might like to participate, and would like to discuss fundraising, please look at the information we have available here and contact us to discuss!

From getting rid of the toxins in your home while using safer, healthier, green cleaning products - to replacing the vitamins or other nutrition supplements you already use with products from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company - to trying fantastic (anti-aging) skin care and personal care products - or easy, safe water purification.. people who use Shaklee products get awesome results AND the opportunity to contribute income to a needy cause.

What You Need To Know:
If you represent a non-profit group, or you are a supporter who would like to share this information with a charitable organization, we have GREAT NEWS of the REVISED FUNDRAISING PROGRAM where there is NO COST to the organization, includes a FREE ORDERING WEBSITE where people find it very easy to order, Shaklee tracks all sales and each month mails a check or direct deposits funds that are raised.

Products are ordered and paid through the secure website, shipped directly to the person who orders and the non-profit group does not have to handle product or money. This is a unique opportunity to generate VERY LUCRATIVE FUNDS with a brand that has longevity, very high regard, residual income and industry (science, wellness, nutrition, environmental) leadership for 54+ years.

Cause Fundraising with this brand includes CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS so there are re-orders every month - people love the benefits they get back from this brand and the retention rate of customers is higher than that of any other company in our industry.

Additional Resources:
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Learn About the Products:

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