More About Cause Fundraising

Non-profit organizations rely on raising funds to run their programs and do their worthwhile work.

Today, there are serious challenges in raising money - for several reasons:

  1-  economic challenges across the country that have resulted in lower donations
  2-  there are more charitable organizations today which have people splitting their support
  3-  younger people are not donating to charities at similar levels their parents or grandparents did

An Alternative Way to Raise Funds:

Offer people who want to support their cause the opportunity to buy products they already purchase for themselves and their homes - on an ongoing basis - and have monies from the sale given to their cause.

As they re-order these disposable products, the non-profit organization continues to earn money month after month.

The customer retention rate of this brand is very high because the products are so good.

Benefits to the Non-Profit Organization:

No cost to join this Cause Fundraising program as a distributor to create income and no purchase required by the non-profit

Free order website where supporters order and pay for products

No handling products or money from individuals or shipping products

Money generated sent to non-profit by check or direct deposited monthly

Opportunity to earn significant funds month after month providing top-quality products

Benefits to the Supporters of the Non-Profit Organization:

Home products that are extremely effective, safe and green

Nutrition products that improve health and change lives - guaranteed

The chance to help their cause ongoing.

Great results with high quality products from a 54 year old brand.

100% satisfaction, money back guarantee on all products purchased.


Shaklee has a 54+ year history of philanthropic efforts - committed to benefit local communities throughout their history.

There is no requirement for non-profit to purchase products.

There is no requirement for supporters to participate in the program and never any minimum ordering requirements if they do participate.

All product purchases include a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

The Cause Fundraising involvement with Shaklee can be terminated at any time.

Individual tax-related questions should be reviewed with the non-profit's tax advisor.

Getting Started:

An application form is completed and requires a document that states the non-profit's name, federal tax ID number and tax exempt status.

If the non-profit is sales tax exempt, copies of the state's Tax Exempt Organization Form and the certification of exemption are required (certification of exemption not required in the following states:  AK, AR, AZ, DE, IA, ID, LA, MT, NH, OH, OR and WA).

A contact person that is a volunteer for the organization is assigned (should not be a paid employee of the nonprofit unless approved by the nonprofit's tax advisor).

A website is given to the nonprofit and the Shaklee distributor who sponsors the nonprofit helps them set up the customizable sections.

The nonprofit has a back office where there are tracking tools that measure sales, purchasers, earnings and growth potential.

The distributor that sponsors the non-profit will be the Shaklee contact and support for the organization.

Will present company and product information.

Will educate non-profit supporters on use of products.

Will offer access to written product information and online resources including audio, video and written.