Each Non-Profit Needs a Volunteer

As part of the Shaklee Cause Fundraising program, each non-profit organization can be sponsored as a distributor so that the organization can raise funds each time a supporter buys products.

There is no cost for a charitable organization, 503(c), to join the program.

Each non-profit group receives a unique website - also at no cost - that only their supporters order from and where all sales of products and monies raised are tracked.  There is no cost for web hosting or maintenance of the website.

In order to not interfere with the organization's tax exempt status, a Volunteer supporter of the organization is assigned to oversee the Cause Fundraising program within the group.  This can not be a paid employee of the non-profit.  It must be an individual who volunteers for the position and the name and contact information will be documented on the fundraising application.

It is the Volunteer's responsibility to help get the word out about the fundraising program, add information about the non-profit to a special 'About' area of the website, and answer questions that may arise.  The Shaklee Independent Sales Leader that sponsors the non-profit organization will provide support, ideas, and ongoing help to both the non-profit and the Volunteer throughout the life of the program.

More about the Volunteer can be personally discussed by contacting us directly.

Vicki Zerbee

Nancy Cashman
814-931-2085 or 888-942-3441