Money to Be Raised for the Cause

Below are examples of the money an organization can raise MONTHLY when their supporters CHANGE BRANDS and buy Shaklee products as part of the Cause Fundraising program.

There are many products available to order: Natural Nutrition including vitamins, herbs, pain relief, digestive, immune system, sports nutrition, weight loss products; Green Cleaning; Anti-Aging Skin Care; Pure and Natural Personal Care; Drinking Water Filtration.

These are consumable products that will be re-ordered so that non-profit organizations can continue to earn funds from supporters who buy month after month. Shaklee products enjoy a very high customer retention rate because the products are very high quality and deliver such great results. Plus all products are 100% guaranteed!

The prices stated are for the products listed - different products can be substituted that add up to the same amounts, resulting in the same money to be earned by the organization.

To understand the total dollars a non-profit organization can raise, you would need to look at the complete compensation program that is offered to all distributors - because the non-profit group is eligible for the same earnings as a regular distributor.

There are a total of nine forms of compensation (information provided upon request), including various monthly volume bonuses. The two main forms of compensation are the monthly bonus that is based on total product volume generated through each month, and a price differential on individual products sold through the month.

Let's look at some numbers - keep in mind these are dollars that are raised MONTHLY for the non-profit organization.

Note the difference in selling more units of a lower priced product in comparison to the earnings that can be generated by selling far less units at a higher price point.

All examples are based on the organization generating $2,000 product volume each month, and selling products at member prices (saves the purchaser 15%). The last row shows the additional revenue that would be generated by selling at Retail Price.

Example of Earnings

Small Purchase Medium Purchase Larger Purchase
Product Basic H2 Vitalizer Vitalizer + Vivix

Units Sold

387 36 19
Earnings Per Month $984.00 $790.00 $846.00
Cost of Product
$10.35 $79.25 $164.25
If sold at Retail Price - add to monthly earnings +$697 +$504 +$551

These numbers can be increased significantly as the program grows within the non-profit organization and as people re-order the consumable products.

These products are manufactured by the Shaklee Corporation, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the United States for over 54 years - they are high quality, 100% guaranteed products that are consumed by folks every day, week in and week out, month after month, all year long.

Raising Money is simply about changing brands!

A definite WIN - WIN situation when the brand provides awesome products and gives to YOUR CAUSE!

Give benefits and receive benefits.. this brand changes your life. :)

For more information about money to be raised contact us directly.

Vicki Zerbee

Nancy Cashman
814-949-2085 or 888-942-3441