You are invited to evaluate the Shaklee Cause Fundraising program for your non-profit organization.  It’s an opportunity to generate a new source of sustainable fundraising income.  This is money that will continue to come month after month, and can grow to a significant amount when your supporters choose to participate.

The program is part of our brand’s Cause Fundraising division and is similar to programs at companies like Macy’s, Target and the eScript program – except that you can earn a much higher percentage of sales.  

The challenges of today’s economy have resulted in reduced funding for non-profits and struggles to raise enough funds to operate worthy causes.  We would like to help!

The Shaklee Corporation, for all of its 59 years, contributes help for disaster relief efforts all over the world and support to communities throughout the country.  The new Cause Fundraising program will now provide an organized way for non-profits like yours to create ongoing income to continue your work, and even grow in reach or services.

With Cause Fundraising, your supporters are invited to re-direct some of their monthly spending -  to a new brand.  They choose products they already spend money on each month, buying from the Shaklee brand.  Shaklee pays you, the non-profit organization, each month.  Supporters have a new way to give to their cause without it hurting their personal budget in this present tough economy.

Three things are important to note:
  •           Research has shown that 76% of people are willing to re-direct their spending in order to help their cause 
  •           The retention rate of Shaklee consumers is the highest in our industry – because the products work so well 
  •           Shaklee has always offered a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee (and it is rarely used)

There is no cost for your non-profit to participate and you will be given your own online store website.  No product or money is handled by your organization.  Shaklee takes the order, processes the payment via secure pages online, and ships the products directly to your supporters who order.

As your Cause Fundraising sponsor, we help you by educating your supporters on the program and the products, and providing the support you need to have a successful outcome.

Please contact us to discuss.  We look forward to hearing from you.